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xxl chicken
signature lemon chicken (temptasian orange is also really good)
glass noodles


Some of you knew us as Temptasian Restaurant in American Fork; we started our journey June 2013. In 2020, we decided to begin a new adventure and started our very own food truck! Chickenology's menu is inspired by our signature dish "Temptasian Orange Chicken". Taking that in a new and creative direction, we designed a new menu that was simpler but more focused and just as delicious as before! We present to you asian-inspired fried chicken delectables ranging from popular street foods in Asia to our very own fusion creations! And guess what? They're STILL gluten free and you wouldn't be able to tell! 


Our motto is still the same as before: we want you to be a part of our family - because family give the best of the best: fresh, made from scratch, heart-felt food. 

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We realized early on that people had to either give up or compromise their love for Chinese (and fried) foods because most places offer little to nothing in the gluten-free department - but not here at Chickenology! You can still enjoy fried chicken and asian dishes without compromising quality or flavor! We do our best to keep you healthy and safe by using separate cooking gear.


Check it out!


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